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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is on time to the scheduled six o'clock meeting?
(a) Cora.
(b) The Colonel.
(c) William.
(d) Bert.

2. When making his point about his "colored folks," who is Norwood's one exception?
(a) Bert.
(b) Billy.
(c) William.
(d) Cora.

3. What do the two men do?
(a) Shoot each other.
(b) Struggle with one another.
(c) Leave the room.
(d) Call for Cora.

4. How does Cora react when she sees what has taken place?
(a) Excited.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Surprised.
(d) Horrified.

5. As he leaves, who does Bert pass in the driveway?
(a) Billy and his friend.
(b) William and the storekeeper.
(c) Talbot and William.
(d) The slave overseer, Talbot, and the storekeeper.

6. What do these two men begin to form?
(a) A band of brothers.
(b) A posse.
(c) A band.
(d) A prayer circle.

7. Who has Cora invited to dinner?
(a) William.
(b) Bert.
(c) Mr. Higgins.
(d) The Colonel.

8. With whom did Bert have dinner?
(a) Cora.
(b) Sallie.
(c) The Colonel.
(d) William.

9. Finally, who enters the room?
(a) Billy.
(b) William.
(c) Norwood.
(d) Mr. Higgins.

10. Who do these two men find?
(a) Cora.
(b) Norwood.
(c) Sam.
(d) Sallie.

11. What does Cora take the time to try one more time, regarding Bert?
(a) To convince Bert to leave.
(b) To convince Bert to treat Norwood with respect.
(c) To convince Bert to go to his room.
(d) To convince Bert to stand his ground.

12. How does Bert respond to Cora's request, regarding the Colonel?
(a) He strongly agrees.
(b) He strongly disagrees.
(c) He reluctantly agrees.
(d) He is not sure what he wants to do.

13. What does Bert do to Norwood?
(a) He shoots him.
(b) He strangles him.
(c) He hugs him.
(d) He stabs him.

14. What is Bert taunting Norwood to do?
(a) Strangle him.
(b) Stab him.
(c) Listen to him.
(d) Shoot him.

15. What does Norwood say he has done for Cora's children?
(a) Everything a father would do for his own children.
(b) Fathered them.
(c) Even more than he has done for his other "darkies."
(d) Absolutely nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. From where does Cora come?

2. Who will be coming for Bert?

3. Of what does Cora inform this person?

4. Does Bert seem to mean what he says to Cora?

5. What must Bert do when he speaks?

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