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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does she blame him?
(a) All that has happened.
(b) Her many children.
(c) Her poor health.
(d) His own death.

2. What does Norwood say he has done for Cora's children?
(a) Fathered them.
(b) Everything a father would do for his own children.
(c) Absolutely nothing.
(d) Even more than he has done for his other "darkies."

3. What point does Norwood try to make, regarding his "colored folks?"
(a) He does not like his "colored folks."
(b) He never had any trouble with any of the "colored folks."
(c) He does not want any of his "colored folks" around.
(d) He is not the father of any of his "colored folks."

4. Who has Cora invited to dinner?
(a) Mr. Higgins.
(b) The Colonel.
(c) William.
(d) Bert.

5. According to Norwood, what do all the "colored folk" know?
(a) How to love him.
(b) Nothing.
(c) How to work in the fields.
(d) Their place.

6. When was the last time that Norwood treated Bert badly?
(a) One month ago.
(b) Yesterday.
(c) One year ago.
(d) .When he was a little boy.

7. What is Bert holding?
(a) Norwood's hand.
(b) Norwood's wallet.
(c) Norwood's pistol.
(d) Norwood's knife.

8. Tempers get to the point that the Colonel finally tries to do what to Bert?
(a) Throw him out.
(b) Send him to his room.
(c) Tell his mother the truth.
(d) Go to work in the fields.

9. Who is not on time to the six o'clock meeting?
(a) Bert.
(b) Cora.
(c) William.
(d) The Colonel.

10. How does Norwood feel he has treated his "darkies?"
(a) Unfairly.
(b) Fairly.
(c) Poorly.
(d) Badly.

11. Of what was Cora afraid?
(a) William might be late.
(b) Sallie might be late.
(c) The Colonel might be late.
(d) Bert might be late.

12. When does Bert say he will come back to his father's house?
(a) If the men get too close.
(b) In one week.
(c) When the men find the real killer.
(d) When it is safe.

13. When does the first scene of the second act begin?
(a) At sunset one week later.
(b) At sunset on the same day as the first act.
(c) At sunrise the day after the first act.
(d) At noon the same day as the first act.

14. From where does Cora come?
(a) Downstairs.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) Upstairs.
(d) Outside.

15. With whom does Cora enter?
(a) Sam.
(b) Norwood.
(c) William.
(d) Bert.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cora tell Bert to hide?

2. Who will be coming for Bert?

3. What do these two men begin to form?

4. How are both Norwood and Bert alike?

5. What does Sam need to tell Cora?

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