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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert do as the act ends?
(a) Goes to his room.
(b) Hugs the Colonel.
(c) Runs out the back door.
(d) Walks proudly out the front door.

2. What do Cora and William try to explain to Bert?
(a) Sallie has to leave to go to school.
(b) That Bert must go back north for school.
(c) Billie is too young to live with Bert.
(d) His behavior may end tragically for him and the rest of his family.

3. On what subject do Bert, Cora and William stay?
(a) Bert's schooling.
(b) William's son.
(c) Sallie's leaving.
(d) Bert's perceived arrogance.

4. What do Cora and William worry about Bert's place in society?
(a) He knows his place.
(b) He will never know his place.
(c) He has no place.
(d) He cannot find his place.

5. On what does little Billy begin playing?
(a) A fiddle.
(b) The furniture.
(c) The floor.
(d) A washboard.

6. What are the consequences for Bert's accident?
(a) The Colonel did not allow him to have dinner.
(b) The Colonel sent him to his room.
(c) The Colonel beat him mercilessly.
(d) The Colonel had to send a search party to find him.

7. What does Sallie try to do for Bert?
(a) Get him to move back north.
(b) Plead his case.
(c) Get him a hotel room.
(d) Help him move.

8. Who is Colonel Thomas Norwood?
(a) A wealthy businessman who is about 60.
(b) A plantation owner who is about 60.
(c) A school teacher who is about 40.
(d) An overseer who is about 40.

9. What does Bert believe he should not have to do?
(a) Stand up to Norwood.
(b) Work out in the fields like the other field hands.
(c) Leave his home.
(d) Talk with Norwood.

10. For what does Sallie want to thank Norwood?
(a) For letting her stay in his home.
(b) His kind treatment of her and the other "colored children."
(c) For allowing her to go to school to be a teacher.
(d) Her spending money.

11. What has Robert done without permission?
(a) Taken the car into town.
(b) Taken a new job.
(c) Stayed out late.
(d) Left home.

12. As the action opens, what are Norwood and Cora discussing?
(a) The plans for the next school year.
(b) The work that needs to be completed in the office.
(c) The imminent departure of Cora's daughter Sallie for school.
(d) The arrival of Cora's daughter Sallie from school.

13. What does the guest warn the Colonel about Bert, if he does indeed get arrested for his behavior?
(a) He will be in jail for some time.
(b) It will be costly to bail him out.
(c) His case could go to trial.
(d) There is a good chance the white men might break into the jail and lynch him.

14. What is the real outrage about Bert's behavior?
(a) He did not apologize.
(b) He did not pay for the damages.
(c) He had not asked permission of the Colonel.
(d) He dared to argue with a white woman.

15. For what does Cora plead with Bert?
(a) To move north.
(b) To go to his room.
(c) To leave now.
(d) To be polite to the Colonel.

Short Answer Questions

1. When and where does the play begin?

2. How does Bert feel about his actions?

3. After Higgins and Norwood leave, who enters again?

4. How does Bert react to their explanation?

5. How is Bert also riling up the white townspeople?

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