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Objective: In the 1930s, when this play was written, sociopolitical themes were very prevalent. This lesson will discuss this theme.

1) Class Discussion: What is a major theme found in this play?

Small Group Activity: Research another play from the 1930s and create a Venn Diagram comparing the two plays.

Class Discussion: Share the groups' Venn Diagrams. Create a class Venn Diagram comparing all of the plays to "Mulatto."

Homework: What makes this play more significant than other plays with the same theme?


Objective: Critics blasted Hughes early on for his supposedly "uneducated" depictions of African Americans, citing as especially offensive many of his characters' stereotypical speech. This lesson will discuss his depictions of African Americans found in Act 1, Scene 1.

1) Class Discussion: How does Hughes portray African Americans in this play?

Small Group Activity: Why might critics have been upset with this depiction? How do you feel...

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