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1930s South

Research an aspect of the south in the 1930s and present your findings to the class in a five-minute presentation.

Southern Plantations

Research what is grown on a plantation, and create your own southern garden, either on school property or in a container garden.

African American Education in the 1930s

Research the education of African Americans in the 1930s. Compare and contrast it in a short essay to their education today.

Live Production

Watch a live or recorded production of this play. Write a critique on this production.

Making a Movie Part 1

Working with a small group, stage and rehearse a scene from this play.

Making a Movie Part 2

Film your play, using various camera angles, to create your own short film.

Making a Movie Part 3

Using your own music collection or a program such as Garage Band, create a soundtrack for your movie.

Making a Movie Part 4

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