Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet Character Descriptions

Karen Armstrong
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This character was the Prophet and founder of Islam and was an Arab merchant from the city of Mecca, where he was born in 570.

Abu Talib

This character was the uncle of Muhammad.


This character was a monk who lived in Cordova in 850. When questioned by a group of Arabs, he denounced the Prophet Muhammad and was put to death.

Salman Rushdie

This character is the author of the Satanic Verses.


This character was a slave given to Muhammad by Khadija. Muhammad gave the boy his freedom and raised him as his foster son.


This character is a wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Their marriage takes place when she is a child.


This character was a wealthy widow, believed to be in her forties when she married Muhammad. They had six children together.


This character was one of the four daughters of...

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