Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Karen Armstrong
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• Religion became more important by the end of the twentieth century, after a period in the 1950s and 1960s when many felt that religion had been out grown.

• There was a revival of sorts in most of the major religions and Christians and Jews began working together.

• The religion of Islam was excluded from most of this and is basically viewed with hostility in the West.
• The challenge of Islam to the West dates back to the Ottoman Empire which conquered much of Europe.

• The Muslim Empire was viewed with fear and the Prophet Muhammad was viewed as the Great Pretender.

• The views that the Europeans developed during the period of the Crusades carried over into the present day and became intensified as the followers of Islam developed a hatred of the West.

• This hatred is the result of Western behavior in the Islamic world and led...

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