Mudbound Short Essay - Answer Key

Hillary Jordan
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1. What does Florence do in the farm house that makes Laura uncomfortable?

While Laura appreciates most of what Florence does for her, she doesn't like how superstitious Florence can be with all of her rituals and warnings over every little thing.

2. What does Hap say to explain gunshots heard on the property one night?

Hap, Florence's husband comes to tell Laura and Henry that the gunshots heard the other night on the property were from Carl Atwood, shooting his old plow horse.

3. What causes Laura to not kick the Atwoods off the property?

Laura wants Henry to kick the Atwoods off of their property for their shooting of an old plow horse until she sees Carl Atwoods very pregnant wife apologizing and begging to be allowed to stay.

4. Why does Hap think his mule broke his leg?

Hap feels that his mule broke his leg when the shed roof caved in because of God's intervention. He feels that God has a hand in all aspects of life even right down to the well being of his mules.

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