Objects & Places from Mudbound

Hillary Jordan
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Resl's Letter

This is used to form a Klan posse against Ronsel.

Resl's Picture

Jamie has Laura return this to Ronsel.


Pappy runs out of this during one of Jamie's binges in town, and berates him into handing over the truck the moment he returns.


Jamie kills his own father with this in revenge for a lifetime of cruelty, and for forcing Jamie to choose how the Klan would mutilate Ronsel.


Florence plans to murder Pappy with this.


Jamie builds Laura this when he notices how unhappy she is at the farm.


Laura discovers before Jamie left the farm for good he planted this in the garden for her use.


Hap breaks his leg while attempting to repair this.


Henry buys this to help him do the bulk of the work on the farm.


Jamie often uses this when he...

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