Mudbound Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hillary Jordan
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Part 1

• The first section of this book introduces the main characters one at a time using the first person narrative of those characters.

• Jamie starts: he is digging a grave for his father with his brother. They have to dig deep because of the rain.
• Laura thinks back to her 30th birthday when she had accepted that her life would be that of a spinster.

• She is surprised when she meets Henry who proposes. They have two children and are blissfully happy for 6 years.
• During the war, Jamie loses a finger to frostbite, but nobody else in Laura's family is harmed. She helps the effort by doing drives for bandages and silk stockings.

• As a child, Jamie almost drowned but was saved by Henry. He likes to hear Henry talk about WWI where he was wounded. Henry tells him to fight from a plane.
• Ronsel, a black man...

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