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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Claudio demand of Hero during their wedding ceremony?

2. Who captured the suspects spoken of by Verges on the morning of Hero's wedding?

3. What does Borachio hear has happened to Hero as a result to the plot to dishonor her?

4. What does Conrade call Verges after the sexton leaves the interrogation?

5. Why does Margaret infer that Beatrice may be thinking of getting married herself on the morning of Hero's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Claudio learn about Hero's innocence?

2. What question does Claudio ask Leonato during his wedding to Hero?

3. What does Leonato tell his unexpected visitors to do as he leaves to attend his daughter's wedding?

4. What does Hero scold Margaret for on the morning of her wedding?

5. What is the final order that Dogberry gives his night watch before retiring to bed?

6. Who are the two suspects that Dogberry and Verges must interrogate?

7. Who are the unexpected visitors at Leonato's house on the morning of Hero's wedding?

8. Who or what does Margaret praise on the morning of Hero's wedding?

9. Why does Beatrice say that she and Benedick cannot use the traditional form of wooing?

10. What does Hero say she thinks may happen during her wedding?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Valor and honor is a theme of this play that is very important to many of the characters involved. Where does this theme of valor and honor present itself and how do these occurrences affect the characters involved in those scenes?

Essay Topic 2

Power and greed are two common themes in this play. Where do they appear, and how do they differ in their manifestations?

Essay Topic 3

Many different characters in this play are persuaded to do things they would not do of their own accord. What are some of these instances, and how does persuasion affect the course of the plot?

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