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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Benedick lament about himself while he waits for Beatrice to appear?
(a) He is not worthy of Beatrice.
(b) He is not gifted with words.
(c) He does not have her love yet.
(d) He must choose between his friend and his love.

2. Who finally unravels the plot used to dishonor Hero?
(a) The sexton.
(b) Leonato.
(c) Dogberry.
(d) Verges.

3. What does Verges say once Leonato has left the scene on the morning of Hero's wedding?
(a) He hoped to be able to attend the wedding as well.
(b) He wishes Leonato had taken him more seriously.
(c) He must be very careful in his examination.
(d) He is honored in his new duty.

4. What does Borachio hear has happened to Hero as a result to the plot to dishonor her?
(a) She has been disowned by her father.
(b) She has been banished.
(c) She has died.
(d) She has been rejected by all worthy men in the country.

5. Who is asked to sing a song for Hero's forgiveness?
(a) Claudio.
(b) Balthasar.
(c) Benedick.
(d) Beatrice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the constable of Messina choose as his assistant constable?

2. What does Benedick discuss with Margaret after challenging Claudio to a duel?

3. Who offers to help Leonato fight Claudio?

4. Where does most of Act 3, Scene 4 take place?

5. What does Leonato say he would prefer to a slandered daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the two suspects that Dogberry and Verges must interrogate?

2. What does the Friar tell Hero to pretend to do as part of his plan to prove her innocence?

3. What does Balthasar do to mourn Hero's death?

4. What does Hero say she thinks may happen during her wedding?

5. Who are the unexpected visitors at Leonato's house on the morning of Hero's wedding?

6. What is the final order that Dogberry gives his night watch before retiring to bed?

7. What question does Claudio ask Leonato during his wedding to Hero?

8. How do Leonato's unexpected visitors feel about what Leonato asks them to do as he leaves to attend his daughter's wedding?

9. What does Benedick do with the help of Margaret to try and show his love for Beatrice?

10. Why does Beatrice say that she and Benedick cannot use the traditional form of wooing?

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