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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Don John want to witness the new plan to break up Claudio and Hero?
(a) Hero and Beatrice.
(b) Claudio and don Pedro.
(c) Claudio and Benedick.
(d) Leonato and Antonio.

2. Who will be most hurt by the new plan to break up Claudio and Hero?
(a) Leonato.
(b) Claudio.
(c) Beatrice.
(d) Hero.

3. Who will Don Pedro speak to during the second part of his plan to help Claudio?
(a) Benedick.
(b) Hero.
(c) Beatrice.
(d) Leonato.

4. Which of the following characters is NOT present at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) Borachio.
(b) Leonato.
(c) Claudio.
(d) Don Pedro.

5. What does Beatrice say that Benedick is an expert at when they first converse in this play?
(a) Alienating friends.
(b) Making a fool of himself.
(c) Getting the last word.
(d) Speaking without thinking first.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hero say it will be so easy to make Beatrice believe Benedick loves her?

2. What do Don Pedro and Claudio notice has changed about Benedick's appearance as they all chat in the garden?

3. Which of these is something that is NOT listed in Benedick's soliloquy about the perfect woman?

4. Where will the new plan to break up Claudio and Hero take place?

5. Who does Hero say has asked her to tell Beatrice of Benedick's love for her while Beatrice eavesdrops?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Don Pedro and Claudio continue to talk when they know that Benedick is listening to them?

2. What is Benedick's excuse for his odd behavior when he meets with Leonato in the garden?

3. What does Leonato say about Benedick when he meets Benedick in the garden?

4. Why do Hero and Ursula want Beatrice to hear the lies they are going to tell when they know Beatrice is listening?

5. What joke does Leonato make when Don Pedro asks about Hero being his daughter?

6. What does Benedick say about Hero when Claudio tells him that he has fallen in love with her?

7. What does Don John say his real goal in life is?

8. What does Claudio say he will do if the news Don John brought him turns out to be true?

9. What does Benedick think about while his servant is fetching his book?

10. What do Ursula and Hero plan to talk about when they know Beatrice is listening?

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