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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Claudio more afraid of than death?
(a) Infidelity.
(b) Dishonesty.
(c) Dishonor.
(d) Captivity.

2. Why does Benedick hide when he sees Don Pedro and some other men enter the orchard?
(a) He knows Don Pedro is upset with him.
(b) He is supposed to be working somewhere else right then.
(c) He is afraid they will ask him to help with something.
(d) He wants to eaves drop on their conversation.

3. What does the messenger tell Beatrice that he would never want to be after hearing her view of Benedick?
(a) Her kinsman.
(b) Her servant.
(c) Her enemy.
(d) Her friend.

4. Who does Beatrice specifically ask the messenger about after his news of the war?
(a) Benedick.
(b) Balthasar.
(c) Claudio.
(d) Leonato.

5. What does Don John tell his men is his only resource for dealing with the world?
(a) His cunning.
(b) His ability to manipulate others.
(c) His nastiness.
(d) His apathetic demeanor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beatrice call Benedick as they dance together?

2. What is the first question that Conrade asks Don John when they first appear on the stage together?

3. What shocking news does the surprise visitor bring to the men conversing in the garden?

4. How does Benedick speak to Beatrice when they meet in the orchard?

5. What does Conrade tell Don John to avoid showing in his appearance?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Don John so eager to punish Claudio in particular?

2. What does Beatrice vow to do after Hero and Ursula leave after their conversation in the orchard?

3. What does Conrade fear might be hurt by Don John's miserable nature?

4. What is Benedick's excuse for his odd behavior when he meets with Leonato in the garden?

5. What does Claudio say he will do if the news Don John brought him turns out to be true?

6. What does Leonato say about Benedick when he meets Benedick in the garden?

7. What does Benedick say about Hero when Claudio tells him that he has fallen in love with her?

8. What does Benedick say a woman has to have in order to induce him to marry her?

9. Where does Antonio get his mistaken news about who will be pursuing Hero as a love interest?

10. What does Benedick think about while his servant is fetching his book?

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