Objects & Places from Mr. Popper's Penguins

Richard and Florence Atwater
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432 Proudfoot Avenue

This is the home address of the Popper family.


This is the town in which the Poppers live.

Antarctic Adventures

This is the title of one of Mr. Popper's favorite books about the Antarctic.

Captain Cook

This is the name given to Mr. Popper's first penguin sent by Admiral Drake.

Icebox Rookery

This is the name of the nest made by the Service Man.


This is the name given to Mr. Popper's second penguin sent to him by Dr. Smith, the curator of a city aquarium.

Schubert's Military March

Mrs. Popper plays this piece of music on the piano to accompany part of the penguins' stage show.

Palace Theater

The Poppers and their penguins travel here to put on an audition for Mr. Greenbaum, the theater owner.

Nelson and Columbus

These have a part of the penguin stage show with slapping and bumping into...

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