Mr. Popper's Penguins Fun Activities

Richard and Florence Atwater
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Penguin Names

Have the students come up with what they would have named the 10 baby penguins along with some sound reasoning for those choices.

Arctic Animal Reports

Tell the students to choose an arctic animal that they would like to know more about and write a report about that animal.

Researching Baby Penguin Names

Each of the baby penguins was named after a historical figure. Have the students do some research to find out the source of each of those names.

Penguin Performance Art

Have the students create a visual representation of what the penguin show was like. Make sure they get their information straight from the description in the book.

Animal Training Experiences

Have the students find an animal to train a trick. Have them video tape or capture this trained trick in some way to show to the class.

Guest Speaker

Have a guest who works...

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