Mr. Popper's Penguins Character Descriptions

Richard and Florence Atwater
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Mr. Popper

This character is a house painter in Stillwater. Though a hard worker, he is a dreamer and a romantic.

Mrs. Popper

This character is down to earth and practical, but very loyal.

Janie Popper

This character is about twelve and goes with her father on a nationwide tour.

Bill Popper

This character is a male twin who enjoys his father's new exotic pets.

Service Man

This character comes one day to convert the refrigerator into a home for the exotic pets.

Mrs. Callahan

This character is astonished and frightened when the exotic pets are taken for a walk on a leash.

Mr. Greenbaum

This character is a theater owner who hires the family to take their pets on the road for a stage show.

Monsieur Duval

This character is a tightrope performer whose act becomes a disaster when the penguins waddle onto the stage.

Mr. Klein

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