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HMS Justinian

This is commanded by Captain Keene, and is Hornblower's first appointment as a midshipman.

Marie Galante

This is a French merchant ship carrying a full cargo of rice. She is hulled during capture and thereafter turned over to a prize crew commanded by Hornblower.


This is a French privateer--once a slaver--that captures Hornblower after he abandons a ship full of rice.


This is a French corvette that is chased by the English but escapes into the shelter of a French harbor guarded by several shore batteries.

Mizzen Top

This has a fighting platform at a certain distance above the ship's deck. The tops, perhaps 80 or 100 feet in the air, are fairly large platforms capable of holding a dozen or so men.


This is a small French town near the coast and astride a river. The town's strategic importance lies in the bridge over...

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