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Myles Connolly
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the following quote written on: "The cross is the fit God gives his friends."

2. What is Blue's last letter to the narrator about?

3. What religion is Blue?

4. Fill in the following quote by Blue in Chapter VII: "But this life is so beautiful that I am _____________ of it sometimes."

5. At the end of Chapter VI, what subway entrance do Blue and the narrator stop outside of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference between a vow of poverty in a religious order and the vow of poverty that Blue took?

2. Who are the "Spies of God?"

3. What do the sixth and seventh letters have in common?

4. In what letter does Blue describe his view of the end of the world?

5. According to Blue, what is wrong with the written word?

6. What is the narrators reaction to Blue's plan in Chapter VII to live among the poor?

7. Do you think Blue is a real person?

8. Which letter concerns forgiveness? How so?

9. What is the narrator's response to Blue's death?

10. How does Blue feel about those who read?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze what genre "Mr. Blue" is. What evidence from the text supports your opinion? Is it only one genre or a combination?

Essay Topic 2

"Mr. Blue" can be described as a retelling of the story of St. Francis. How are St. Francis and Mr. Blue alike? How are St. Francis and Mr. Blue different? What role did religion play in the lives of both St. Francis and Mr. Blue? Would you agree or disagree that "Mr. Blue" is a retelling of the St. Francis story?

Essay Topic 3

The setting significantly affects the novel. Analyze the role of setting, including a description of the setting of "Mr. Blue," how the setting can change the novel and examples of how the novel would be different if the setting were to change.

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