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Myles Connolly
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Short Answer Questions

1. What gives Blue courage at the beginning of Chapter VI?

2. Fill in the following quote from one of Blue's letters: "People remember sorrow much longer than they remember ___________."

3. As Blue and the narrator circle the lakes in Chapter VI, where do they stop?

4. Blue equates the fights of his day with fighting the plague with what?

5. Fill in the following quote about books from Blue in Chapter VI: "Books are for people who cannot _________________."

Short Essay Questions

1. Could Blue be described as cautious? Which letter speaks to this?

2. According to Blue, what is wrong with the written word?

3. What is the narrators reaction to Blue's plan in Chapter VII to live among the poor?

4. What is the vocation Blue found?

5. How does Blue feel about scientific agnosticism?

6. How is Blue treated by his coworkers at the lumberyard?

7. Who are the "Spies of God?"

8. In what letter does Blue describe his view of the end of the world?

9. What does the Gothic symbolize for Blue?

10. Which letter concerns forgiveness? How so?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mr. Blue is guided by deep Christian values. Explore these values and how they affect how Mr. Blue lives his life.

Essay Topic 2

In Blue's story in Chapter III, all Christians had been exterminated. The world ends when White performs Mass and God destroys the world and makes it anew. Analyze Blue's philosophy of religion as revealed in the story in Chapter III.

Essay Topic 3

In Blue's story in Chapter III, people have become slaves to technology with only six people running the world. This provides insight into Blue's feelings about how humans interact with technology and his fear of becoming too dependent. Analyze Blue's attitudes on technology as revealed in his story in Chapter III. What is the positive impact technology has on people in Blue's story? What is the negative impact technology has on people in Blue's story?

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