Objects & Places from Mr. Blue

Myles Connolly
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Blue's Inheritance

This unwanted gift from a family member was immediately given away by the main character.

Blue's Kite

The main character flew this object from the roof of Tootsall.

The Tootsall Building Roof

The main character lived here for a time until asked to leave.

Beacon Hill Attic

This room is where Blue once lived.


This is Blue's city of origin.

The Boston Gothic

This inspires Blue; not because of its structure, but because of its ability to endure.

The Slums

This place is where the poorest of the poor live.

The Eleven Letters

These items are collected by the narrator and tell about the life and personality of Blue.

The Last Christian on Earth

This story is told by Blue.


This place is referred to as The Paradise of Christianity.

Blue's Black Cross

This is what the main character often prays before.

The Spies of God

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