Mr. Blue Fun Activities

Myles Connolly
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License plate

Create a license plate for Mr. Blue. The license plate can be 8-10 characters long, and you must include the license plate frame and registration sticker.


Create, on paper, a fake Facebook page for Mr. Blue. Include a profile picture, friends, interests, relationship status, likes and interests, photos, etc...


Imagine that you are a journalist or a talk show host, and you are interviewing Mr. Blue. Write out a list of questions, and have Mr. Blue "answer" them on paper.


Write an obituary that might appear in a newspaper for Mr. Blue. Include major life achievements, time and manner of his death, who he is survived by and funeral arrangements. Share the obituary with the class or compile them and read them in small groups.

Post Cards

Create a set of four postcards that Mr. Blue would have sent to the narrator. They...

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