Mr. Blue Character Descriptions

Myles Connolly
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Mr. J. Blue

This person is the main character of the book.

The Narrator

This person is the second main character of the book, a businessperson, enjoys making money and believes that the backbone of civilization is commerce.

John Stuart

This character declines to meet the main character.


This person is the building manager who introduces the narrator to the main character and allows the main character to live on the roof of Tootsall Building.

General Grant and His Band

This character plays a concert on the roof of Tootsall.

Abraham Morgenthau

This character is a friend of the main character, and received an invitation to the roof for entertainment.


The main character is unusually devoted to this person, who is a central figure in Christianity.

Father White

This person is the last Christian on earth in the main character's story in Chapter III who performs...

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