Mr. Blue Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Myles Connolly
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Chapter I

• The narrator hadn't heard from Blue in a year when Blue returns from traveling in England.
• Blue, not yet thirty, lived and impoverished, but gloriously and religiously.
• Blue inherited $2 million and spent it quickly on large houses, servants, and wasting money.
• Blue ran out of money, sold his belongings and vanished.
• Later, when the narrator leaves Blue, he is praying alone in front of a black cross in the candlelight.

Chapter II

• A man named Stevens overhears the narrator and John Stuart talking and tells them that he knows a man who is so happy he is almost insane.
• Blue lives on the roof of a tall skyscraper of which Stevens is superintendent.
• Stevens tells a story of when Blue hosted a party and put on a top of the world band concert.
• When Blue and the narrator are alone, Blue goes into an extended diatribe...

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