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Ann Head
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Bo Jo is working, where does July run into Louella Consuela?
(a) At the supermarket.
(b) At the park.
(c) At the post office.
(d) At the bank.

2. What lie do July and Bo Jo tell the justice of the peace?
(a) That they are underage.
(b) That July is not pregnant.
(c) That they have their parents' permission.
(d) That they had never been married before.

3. Who sings at The Reef?
(a) Louella.
(b) Alice.
(c) July.
(d) Bo Jo.

4. Why doesn't Bo Jo wait until he sees his parents to tell them about his marriage?
(a) July wants him to tell them right away.
(b) He is too excited to contain the news.
(c) He is scared.
(d) He wants to tell them before they go to bed.

5. What does Mrs. Jones eat with her visiting guest?
(a) Muffins.
(b) Candy.
(c) Pastries.
(d) Crackers and cheese.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Bo Jo and July promise after they have sex?

2. Why does July want Bo Jo to get a job?

3. What do July and Bo Jo argue about while crossing the state line?

4. Who comes with Charlie to visit the newlyweds' apartment?

5. Who visits the Jones' home after Mr. Jones loses his temper over the phone?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bo Jo react when July tells him that she is pregnant?

2. Before the pregnancy, what were July's and Bo Jo's plans for the future?

3. How is July's relationship with Bo Jo affected because of the night at the beach?

4. Why do Bo Jo, July, and their friends go to The Reef? How does July feel while there?

5. Why does Bo Jo refuse July's father's job offer?

6. Right after moving into their new apartment, how does Bo Jo hurt July's feelings?

7. Why does Mrs. Jones feel embarrassed by her house warming gift for Bo Jo and July?

8. How are Bo Jo and July greeted when they arrive at the Jones' house?

9. In the visit between Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Greher, what indicates to July that some progress has been made in their relationship?

10. What do Bo Jo and July argue about when Bo Jo comes back from The Coffee Pot to have lunch?

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