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Ann Head
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does July feel uncomfortable around Bo Jo?
(a) When he is around his friends.
(b) When he starts to talk about going to college.
(c) When he watches football on television.
(d) When either of their families is involved.

2. Whose wedding has July recently attended in the epilogue?
(a) Hatty's.
(b) Alice's.
(c) Gory's.
(d) Mary Ann's.

3. How long is July in and out of consciousness after her baby is delivered?
(a) For three days.
(b) For one week.
(c) For one day.
(d) For ten hours.

4. While tending to Gory for a day, why does July feel hurt?
(a) Because Gory is seriously injured.
(b) Because Gory treats her cruelly.
(c) Because Gory has been forced to grow up before his time.
(d) Because Gory says he doesn't love July any more.

5. How does Bo Jo feel about the Grehers' offer to pay for July's doctor bills?
(a) That the Grehers are meddling.
(b) That the Grehers are up to something.
(c) That the Grehers are generous.
(d) That the Grehers are trying to control him.

6. After July got pregnant, how does Gory feel about Bo Jo?
(a) Gory admires Bo Jo.
(b) Gory is excited to have a brother-in-law.
(c) Gory hates Bo Jo.
(d) Gory has started to like Bo Jo.

7. What trouble does Dr. Harvey say July's baby is having?
(a) Heart troubles.
(b) Trouble breathing.
(c) Blood pressure troubles.
(d) Troubles with his kidneys.

8. Following the baby's death, what does July realize the parents want her and Bo Jo to do?
(a) Stay married.
(b) Try to have another child.
(c) Separate.
(d) Move back in with the Joneses.

9. How do July and Bo Jo calm Nicholas when he barges into their home?
(a) By offering him a piece of pie.
(b) By taking him out for a drink.
(c) With a cup of coffee.
(d) By walking with him back to his house.

10. What contributes to Jonathan's greater risk of death?
(a) He has a high fever.
(b) His mother is young.
(c) He was delivered prematurely.
(d) The hospital is not equiped to deal with his condition.

11. What kind of injury does Gory have?
(a) A torn achilles tendon.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) A concussion.
(d) A sprained ankle.

12. Who does Mrs. Gerher arrange for July to see?
(a) A psychiatrist.
(b) A marriage counsellor.
(c) The best baby doctor in town.
(d) A college administrator.

13. Who does July receive a letter from?
(a) Horace.
(b) Her grandmother.
(c) The college she hoped to attend.
(d) Louella.

14. After July's seeing the doctor, what state does she find Louella in?
(a) Louella is nauseous.
(b) Louella is drunk.
(c) Louella is sleeping.
(d) Louella is crying.

15. How many nights a week does Louella sing?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the person who sends July a letter ask her about?

2. What does July find odd on the day she is released from the hospital?

3. When Mrs. Gerher invites July for dinner, what does her mother criticize Bo Jo for?

4. What does July say in the first draft of her response to the letter?

5. What does Louella do before revealing her news to July?

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