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Ann Head
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now that she will not be a mother, what do the parents think July should do?
(a) Focus on being a housewife.
(b) Follow her dream of becoming a singer.
(c) Go to prep school.
(d) Start working at the bank.

2. How does Bo Jo feel about the Grehers' offer to pay for July's doctor bills?
(a) That the Grehers are up to something.
(b) That the Grehers are meddling.
(c) That the Grehers are trying to control him.
(d) That the Grehers are generous.

3. Where has Louella found lodging?
(a) In a boarding house.
(b) In a hotel.
(c) With a friend.
(d) In a hostel.

4. What does Bo Jo say about Louella after meeting her for the first time?
(a) Louella is dumb.
(b) Louella has a bad reputation.
(c) Louella's husband is unlucky.
(d) Louella looks like trouble.

5. After Alan's visit, what is Louella's mood like when she visits July.
(a) Louella is depressed.
(b) Louella is nervous.
(c) Louella is happy.
(d) Louella is calm.

6. When does July feel uncomfortable around Bo Jo?
(a) When either of their families is involved.
(b) When he watches football on television.
(c) When he starts to talk about going to college.
(d) When he is around his friends.

7. How do July's parents treat Bo Jo?
(a) Like he is their own son.
(b) Like he is stupid.
(c) Like he is invisible.
(d) Like he is a criminal.

8. Who does July have an argument with about Bo Jo's family can attending the picnic?
(a) Mrs. Greher.
(b) Bo Jo.
(c) Gory.
(d) Grace.

9. When does July bring up her mother's criticism of Bo Jo again?
(a) When Bo Jo makes a criticism about Mrs. Greher.
(b) When she goes to the doctor with Bo Jo.
(c) When she and Bo Jo go to have dinner at her parents' house.
(d) When July and Bo Jo next argue.

10. After July's seeing the doctor, what state does she find Louella in?
(a) Louella is nauseous.
(b) Louella is crying.
(c) Louella is drunk.
(d) Louella is sleeping.

11. What happens to the first draft of the response July writes to the letter she receives?
(a) She burns it.
(b) She tears it.
(c) She spills water on it.
(d) She steps on it.

12. What does July accuse Alice of?
(a) Looking down on July.
(b) Calling July a nasty name.
(c) Messing around with Bo Jo.
(d) Spreading gossip about Bo Jo.

13. Who does Mrs. Gerher arrange for July to see?
(a) A college administrator.
(b) The best baby doctor in town.
(c) A psychiatrist.
(d) A marriage counsellor.

14. Who is paying for Louella's lodging?
(a) Louella herself.
(b) A married man she is having an affair with.
(c) Louella's parents.
(d) Louella's employer.

15. How is Alan's personality described when he comes to visit Mary Ann?
(a) As polite.
(b) As jolly.
(c) As reserved.
(d) As depressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the baby's death, what does Bo Jo tell July he had found?

2. What contributes to Jonathan's greater risk of death?

3. Where does Louella tell July she is going?

4. Why doesn't Louella want to have a baby?

5. Which of the following people does Bo Jo not call while July is in distress?

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