Objects & Places from Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones

Ann Head
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This is the town in which the story takes place.

The Reef

This is a nightclub.

The Coffee Pot

This is where Bo Jo frequently goes after fighting with July.

Hatty Barnes' Garage Apartment

This is where newlyweds July and Bo Jo make their first home.

Dime Store Wedding Ring

This is what July wore during a clandestine visit to a doctor to confirm her pregnancy.

Four Marriage Bracelets

This is what Grandmother Greher gives July after her wedding ceremony.

The Trombone

This is what Bo Jo plays to pass the time.

Holly Hill

This is Grandmother Greher's home.

Monopoly Board Game

This is a symbol of July's lost innocence - something she can no longer enjoy as a grown-up.

Horace Clark's Correspondence

This is what Bo Jo discovers on the day the baby dies.

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