Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Head
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Pages 7 - 26

• July, the protagonist of the novel, recounts her experiences with teen pregnancy.

• July is dating Bo Jo and is in her last semester of high school. She plans to go to college in New England, while Bo Jo plans to go to a state university on a football scholarship.

• One night, Bo Jo and July have sex on the beach.

• Both Bo Jo and July are embarrassed but decide to keep dating.
• July is quite affected by her sexual encounter and begins having panic attacks and crying in the shower.

• The group of friends go to The Reef to celebrate Bo Jo's scholarship. They see Louella Consuela sing there.

• July takes a bus to another town and pretends to be married. She is examined by a doctor, and the doctor confirms she is pregnant.

• July tells Bo Jo about the pregnancy. Three days later they decide...

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