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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the family eating on the trip?
(a) cod.
(b) lobster.
(c) crabs.
(d) fish.

2. Why does John frequently go to the movies?
(a) He goes to escape life.
(b) John directs movies and needs creativity.
(c) He very much enoys the movies.
(d) His girlfriend loves movies.

3. What members of the family does John seem to best communicate with?
(a) People who tell him what to do.
(b) The people who seem interested in him.
(c) The ones who encourage him.
(d) The outer member of the family.

4. What does the reader think about Kate?
(a) She is very beautiful.
(b) She wants to be with John.
(c) She does not seem like a normal woman.
(d) Many men desire her.

5. How does Kate respond to John's question?
(a) She avoids the question.
(b) She asks him another question.
(c) She asks what she should do with her life.
(d) She says yes right away.

6. What is Walter too busy with to attend to Kate?
(a) Jazz fest preperations.
(b) The wedding.
(c) HIs work.
(d) A Mardi Gras ball.

7. What community of people does John relate to?
(a) Jewish people.
(b) Catholics.
(c) Artists.
(d) Mormons.

8. Where does John live?
(a) Gretna.
(b) Gentiliy.
(c) Lake Pontchartrain.
(d) East New Orleans.

9. What ails John's brother, Lonnie?
(a) He is mean.
(b) He is autistic.
(c) He is disabled.
(d) He is very depressed.

10. What is John's mother unhappy about?
(a) Lonnie is fasting.
(b) John's stepfather drinks too much.
(c) She did not want John to come to the fish house.
(d) John is being mean to his brother.

11. What does Aunt Emily constantly keep her eye on?
(a) Kate's whims.
(b) John's hair.
(c) John's choices.
(d) John's clothes.

12. When John sees his family is already at the camp, how does he feel?
(a) Nervous.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Mad.
(d) Surprised.

13. What does Kate doubt?
(a) That her mother will leave her personal life alone.
(b) That she will marry Walter.
(c) That Mardi Gars will be fun.
(d) That John will find a woman to marry.

14. What does Aunt Emily want for John?
(a) She wants him to get a better job.
(b) She wishes he would break up with his girlfreind.
(c) She would like him to live with her.
(d) She wants him to find a wife.

15. What does John think about movies?
(a) Hates when others do not appreciate movies.
(b) He is obsessed with movies.
(c) He thinks that they are amazing, but get the endings wrong.
(d) Wishes he could direct movies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kate admit to John?

2. Who does John run into after lunch (at the library)?

3. Why is Lonnie in a hunger strike?

4. From whom does John receive a letter?

5. What ails John?

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