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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did John like to be when he was a child?
(a) Walter.
(b) Jameson.
(c) Jules.
(d) Ed.

2. What is Kate fighting against?
(a) Becoming a stereotypical woman of society.
(b) Being old and alone.
(c) Getting married.
(d) People who do not accept society.

3. When does Kate think people are "real" with one another?
(a) During illness, disaster, or death.
(b) When they are the most successful.
(c) During times of depression.
(d) When they are the nicest.

4. What does Aunt Emily's letter ask of John?
(a) For him to live with dignity and justice.
(b) For him to hurry home.
(c) For him to marry Kate.
(d) For him to love her like a mother.

5. What does feeling "better" mean to Kate?
(a) It feels like she is not on the brink of abyss.
(b) Being happy.
(c) Going dancing.
(d) Having a good meal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ails John?

2. What does John understand about the plight of this group?

3. What is John longing to find?

4. Why does Harold love John?

5. To whom is Kate now engaged?

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