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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where will John have to go on business?
(a) New York City.
(b) LA.
(c) Gulf Coast.
(d) Chicago.

2. Why does John go into the office early at the beginning of Chapter 2?
(a) To quit his job.
(b) To finish up some work.
(c) To do some illegal activities.
(d) To make an investment in Aerican Motors.

3. Why does John lust after Sharon?
(a) Her normally lusts after women he hardly knows and cannot communicate with.
(b) He is a sex addict.
(c) She flirts with him all the time.
(d) She is very beautiful.

4. What does Kate doubt?
(a) That John will find a woman to marry.
(b) That Mardi Gars will be fun.
(c) That she will marry Walter.
(d) That her mother will leave her personal life alone.

5. What is Walter too busy with to attend to Kate?
(a) A Mardi Gras ball.
(b) HIs work.
(c) The wedding.
(d) Jazz fest preperations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it interesting that Sharon and John keep the books they are reading a secret from one another?

2. What does Sharon hide from John?

3. In Chapter 1, what is revealed as a central theme of the book?

4. What usually doesn't last for John?

5. What does John listen to as he falls asleep?

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