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Essay Topic 1

The theme of death is very prevalent throughout the novel, with characters wishing they were dead or actually trying to kill themselves:

1. Name three times where death is brought up in the novel. Describe the three situations and which characters are involved.

2. Why do you think the characters in the book are obsessed with death? Explain their thought processes.

3. Compare John's escape into television and movies with Kate and Lonnie's wish to escape this world. How are they different and how are they the same?

Essay Topic 2

Kate and Aunt Emily are two matriarchal figures in John's life that pressure him to make different decisions.

1. Although Kate thinks she is very different than Aunt Emily, how are the characters the same? Why do they control so much of John's thoughts?

2. Explain why Kate is Aunt Emily's foil in the novel.

3. What life choices does Kate pressure...

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