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John Bickerson Bolling aka Jack aka Binx

This character tends to disappoint his family which has placed high hopes on his shoulders. He wishes for a chance to find his true purpose in life.

Kate Cutrer

This character suffers from clinical depression. She feels stifled by the life that New Orleans society forces her to lead. While she wishes for freedom, she desperately wants someone else to rule her life.

Sharon Kincaid

John expresses his feeling of love to this character on more than one occasion. She is described as being a very dutiful and smart employee.

Aunt Emily Bolling

This character is John's mother figure throughout the play. She has extremely high expectations of John and his future.

Lonnie Smith

This character shares an intense and genuine connection with John. He is disabled and jealous of his brother who died before him.

Uncle Jules Bolling

This member...

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