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Chapter One

• The novel begins with John's aunt sending him a letter. John gets letters from his aunt every week.

• The letters show the close relationship between the two characters.
• John lives in a suburb of New Orleans called Gentility.

• John constantly watches TV and goes to the movies to escape his life.
• Currently, John is searching for the meaning of his life.

• His search has not yielded many results because he seems unsure of how to proceed on the search.

• John frequently finds himself flirting with women that mean nothing to him. He is unsure of how to have real relationships.
• John goes to visit his Aunt Emily.

• She is worried because she found empty whiskey bottles under her stepdaughter, Kate's, bed.
• Aunt Emily wants John to make something important out of his life.

• She constantly pressures him and he does not know how to deal with...

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