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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is illegal for Mollie to turn away any:
(a) Travelers
(b) Police
(c) Hungry people
(d) Homeless people

2. Where does Mrs. Boyle frequently sit?
(a) Armchair
(b) Sofa
(c) Hearth
(d) Rocking chair

3. What item is Giles wearing when he enters the house?
(a) Wellingtons
(b) Overcoat
(c) Scarf
(d) Sunglasses

4. What item does Paravicini drop?
(a) Poker
(b) Brick
(c) Tea cup
(d) Fork

5. Mrs. Boyle has sold what piece of property?
(a) Writing desk
(b) House
(c) Book collection
(d) Car

Short Answer Questions

1. Which town did Major Metcalf's correspondence come from?

2. To what does the note refer?

3. Scene two begins at what time of the day?

4. Where did the nylons come from?

5. How does Major Metcalf rate breakfast?

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