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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Mr. Parvicini's car damaged?
(a) Smashed by a boulder
(b) Wrecked into a tree
(c) Vandalized by juvenile delinquents
(d) Overturned in the snow

2. What mood of transportation does the sergeant used to get to the house?
(a) Helicopter
(b) Horse
(c) Skis
(d) Truck

3. What delays Trotter?
(a) Had to work late
(b) Fell and broke his ankle
(c) Snow
(d) Car accident

4. How is the murderer's overcoat described?
(a) Beige
(b) Tattered
(c) Dark
(d) New

5. What song does Christopher sing?
(a) Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
(b) Four and Twenty Blackbirds
(c) Bye Bye Bird
(d) Little Jack Horner

Short Answer Questions

1. What poem does Christopher recite?

2. On what street did the murder occur?

3. Mollie laments that it is getting dark, even though it's what time?

4. What is the surname of Mollie and Giles?

5. What term is used to describe Christopher?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Mollie chosen as the third victim? Was Mollie at fault? What was Mollie's role in the Corrigan case?

2. What complaints does Mrs. Boyle have about the house?

3. Who is the unexpected guest? How does the guest arrive at the manor?

4. What are the only clues the police have in the case of the murder of Mrs. Maureen Lyon?

5. Why did Georgie Corrigan assume the role of a police officer? Why not simply visit Monkswell Manor and kill Mrs. Boyle and Mollie?

6. What is the purpose of reenacting the scene just before Mrs. Boyle was killed? Would it make more sense to reenact the crime? Explain.

7. Monkswell Manor is a guest house operated by Giles and Mollie Ralston. Explain the exterior of the building.

8. How does Major Metcalf respond when Mrs. Boyle complains about the accommodations?

9. What are Mollie's comments regarding the quality of the guests at the manor?

10. How does the author end the play? Are there any hidden meanings or metaphors in the ending the author chose?

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