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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term does Mrs. Boyle use to describe the police interview?
(a) Immoral
(b) Impertinent
(c) Improper
(d) Insulting

2. It is briefly assumed that Miss Casewell practices what profession?
(a) Writer
(b) Housemaid
(c) Detective
(d) Prostitute

3. What topic holds no interest for Miss Casewell?
(a) Architecture
(b) Debate
(c) Politics
(d) Literature

4. The other guests think Wren may have arrived from what other location?
(a) Boarding house
(b) New York
(c) Asylum
(d) Home

5. Miss Casewell says she has no use for which profession?
(a) Police
(b) Doctors
(c) Architects
(d) Psychologists

6. How many of the children died?
(a) Three
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Four

7. How does Miss Casewell annoy Mrs. Boyle?
(a) Loud music
(b) Slurping her tea
(c) Singing
(d) Talking too loud

8. Which town did Major Metcalf's correspondence come from?
(a) Kensington
(b) Leamington
(c) London
(d) Salisbury

9. Wren is credited with building what famous landmark?
(a) Buckingham Palace
(b) Big Ben
(c) St. Paul's Cathedral
(d) Westminster Abbey

10. In what room are the pipes frozen?
(a) Oak Room
(b) Kitchen
(c) Cloakroom
(d) Bathroom

11. What is another name for a scarf?
(a) Muffler
(b) Shawl
(c) Wraparound
(d) Pashmina

12. Who is unaware of their responsibilities?
(a) Doctors
(b) Lower classes
(c) Train conductors
(d) Police

13. Mrs. Boyle was in which town when she made her reservations at Monkswell Manor?
(a) Bournemouth
(b) White Chapel
(c) Westchester
(d) Paddington

14. On the radio the announcer is speaking about which emotion?
(a) Animosity
(b) Anger
(c) Fear
(d) Sorrow

15. Where was the hotel where Miss Casewell was staying?
(a) Bournemouth
(b) Leamington
(c) Kensington
(d) Westchester

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Paravicini warns Mollie about being:

2. Trotter is attempting to prevent what act?

3. How does Major Metcalf rate breakfast?

4. What legal document did Giles procure?

5. Scene two begins at what time of the day?

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