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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the unexpected guest?
(a) Mr. Paravicini
(b) Christopher Wren
(c) Major Metcalf
(d) Colonel Mustard

2. What mood of transportation does the sergeant used to get to the house?
(a) Truck
(b) Horse
(c) Skis
(d) Helicopter

3. What song is being whistled in the beginning of Act 1?
(a) Happy birthday
(b) Anniversary Waltz
(c) Three Blind Mice
(d) Alphabet song

4. Who is the third guest to arrive?
(a) Christopher Wren
(b) Major Metcalf
(c) Mr. Paravicini
(d) Mrs. Boyle

5. What is the last name of the superintendent of the police?
(a) Hogpen
(b) Hogben
(c) Hathaway
(d) Hogan

6. Who is the first character to appear?
(a) Mollie
(b) Christopher
(c) Mrs. Boyle
(d) Giles

7. Who discovers that the phone is dead?
(a) Miss Casewell
(b) Giles
(c) Major Metcalf
(d) Mrs. Boyle

8. Which word is used to describe Mrs. Boyle?
(a) Provocative
(b) Imposing
(c) Silly
(d) Solemn

9. What delays Trotter?
(a) Car accident
(b) Fell and broke his ankle
(c) Had to work late
(d) Snow

10. Giles is afraid that they will run out of what item?
(a) Coke
(b) Rock salt
(c) Food
(d) Suntan lotion

11. What was the last name of the foster children?
(a) Corrigan
(b) Mitchell
(c) Anderson
(d) Ralston

12. Who complains about the music being too loud?
(a) Miss Casewell
(b) Christopher Wren
(c) Major Metcalf
(d) Mrs. Boyle

13. Christopher says that he always finds policemen to be:
(a) Rude
(b) Attractive
(c) Arrogance
(d) Polite

14. Giles asks Mollie for what kind of tool?
(a) Hammer
(b) Drill
(c) Screwdriver
(d) Spade

15. What caused the death of one of the children?
(a) Starvation
(b) Neglect
(c) Exposure
(d) Strangulation

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Boyle is annoyed by the house's lack of:

2. Who makes rude comments about Christopher?

3. What term is used to describe Christopher?

4. Mollie laments that it is getting dark, even though it's what time?

5. In what section of the city did the crime take place?

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