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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old are Giles and Mollie?
(a) In their twenties
(b) Early sixties
(c) Teenagers
(d) Mid-thirties

2. Mollie laments that it is getting dark, even though it's what time?
(a) 6:30 PM
(b) 7:15 PM
(c) 4:00 PM
(d) 5:10 PM

3. What business are Giles and Mollie trying to establish?
(a) Chicken farm
(b) Orchard
(c) Guest house
(d) Airline charter

4. What mood of transportation does the sergeant used to get to the house?
(a) Helicopter
(b) Horse
(c) Skis
(d) Truck

5. What is the last name of the superintendent of the police?
(a) Hogpen
(b) Hathaway
(c) Hogben
(d) Hogan

6. Christopher hides behind what object?
(a) Curtain
(b) Coat rack
(c) Sofa
(d) Piano

7. What occurrence is reported on the radio?
(a) Community festival
(b) Fire
(c) Political coup
(d) Murder

8. How old is Major Metcalf?
(a) Early twenties
(b) Middle aged
(c) Mid thirties
(d) Senior citizen

9. How does Christopher react when the phone goes dead?
(a) Screams
(b) Does nothing
(c) Tries to fix it
(d) Laughs hysterically

10. On what street did the murder occur?
(a) Culver
(b) Harrington
(c) Maple
(d) Whitson

11. Christopher says that he always finds policemen to be:
(a) Attractive
(b) Polite
(c) Rude
(d) Arrogance

12. Who cooks lunch for the group?
(a) Giles
(b) Mollie
(c) Miss Casewell
(d) Mrs. Boyle

13. What delays Trotter?
(a) Car accident
(b) Snow
(c) Fell and broke his ankle
(d) Had to work late

14. What poem does Christopher recite?
(a) Lady of Shallott
(b) I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
(c) The North Wind Doth Blow
(d) Hyla Brook

15. What is the name of the farm?
(a) Smithson's Orchard
(b) Monkswell
(c) Longridge
(d) Double R Ranch

Short Answer Questions

1. What item does Miss Casewell bring?

2. Giles is afraid that they will run out of what item?

3. What clue was found at the crime scene?

4. What was the victim's real last name?

5. In what section of the city did the crime take place?

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