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Objective: The play opens with Giles and Mollie Ralston launching their new business, a guest house named Monkswell Manor. Discuss how the couple decided to open a guest house and the steps one must take to do so.

1) 1.What kinds of details are involved in starting a new business? Are there any programs or agencies that can help new business owners? If so, what are they? What kind of help do they offer? How might outside help have benefited Giles and Mollie? What might you have done differently?

2. One of the issues Mollie has in the beginning of the play is that the sign for the guest house is misspelled. Create a packet of materials to advertise the guest house. Include a new sign, business cards, and a brochure. What other items might a guest house have as promotional tools?

3. Use a phone book or the internet...

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