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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Paul Farmer say the only men on Haiti who experience economic stability are?

2. Where does the US military detain infected Haitians in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS?

3. What is Lascahobas?

4. Who does the new director of the World Health Organization ask to serve as his senior advisor in 2003?

5. What does Jim Yong Kim say will define the moral standing of his generation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the AIDS sanatorium in Cuba.

2. Explain the connection between the Open Society Institute and Partners in Health.

3. How does Father Jack's influence impact the MDR-TB campaign after his death?

4. Describe Serena Koenig.

5. Describe Carol and Serena's ride to Port-au-Prince to look for a medevac and a helicopter.

6. Why is Zanmi Lasante so successful?

7. Could Partners in Health have succeeded without Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, or Jim Kim?

8. Is Paul Farmer a good father?

9. Is Paul Farmer an American or a Haitian in his thoughts and actions?

10. Given his claim that if he stops moving someone will die, is Paul Farmer a megalomaniac?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Select three people from Mountains Beyond Mountains that are victims of injustice. For each one describe the injustice, what the root causes are, if it is resolved, and if so by whom. Compare these people and their situations based on these criteria.

Essay Topic 2

Using evidence from Mountains Beyond Mountains, answer the following question: Is Paul Farmer a realist or a dreamer?

Essay Topic 3

Paul Farmer is described as both simple and complex in Mountains Beyond Mountains. Consider the man and the way he is portrayed in the book as well as the fact that this is a biographical account of a real person as you answer the questions below.

1) Would Paul Farmer describe himself as a good husband and father?

2) How does his commitment to his cause affect his perception of other important things in life?

3) What are his greatest strengths and limitations?

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