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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Senora Brigada?

2. What is the junta suspected of doing in Mirebalais in the first section of the story labeled Dokte Paul?

3. Where does Paul Farmer invite Tracy Kidder just before New Year's Day 2000?

4. What does "ID" refer to when Paul Farmer refers to his patients in 1999?

5. Why are there soldiers in Haiti in 1994?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Paul Farmer a person of faith, as of Chapter 9?

2. Based on events in Chapter Twelve, is Paul Farmer reckless or responsible?

3. Is Socios en Salud successful?

4. Describe the irony surrounding Father Jack's death.

5. Describe Paul Farmer's parents.

6. Why does Ophelia Dahl refuse to marry Paul Farmer?

7. Why does Paul Farmer give Joe a 6 pack of beer in Chapter Two?

8. What is the significance of the Section heading, The Tin Roofs of Cange?

9. Describe the political climate of Haiti at the beginning of the book in 1994.

10. Why is the method of travel and the land around Zanmi Lasante important?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Those people who appear in smaller roles in Mountains Beyond Mountains often define those who are the focus of the book, either by contrast, relationship, or actions. Select three of the people who have smaller parts in the book that are listed below and analyze their purpose:

Ti Jean, John, Joe, Sandra Koenig, Tom White, The Warden, Alex Goldfarb, and Father Jack.

Essay Topic 2

Paul Farmer is described as both simple and complex in Mountains Beyond Mountains. Consider the man and the way he is portrayed in the book as well as the fact that this is a biographical account of a real person as you answer the questions below.

1) Would Paul Farmer describe himself as a good husband and father?

2) How does his commitment to his cause affect his perception of other important things in life?

3) What are his greatest strengths and limitations?

Essay Topic 3

Sacrificing for the betterment of others is a central theme in the book.

1) After selecting three of the people listed below, analyze the sacrifices they make in Mountains Beyond Mountains, the reasons for their sacrifices, and the results of it. Paul's Mother, Paul Farmer, Didi Bertrand, Father Jack, Jim Kim and Ophelia.

2) Then answer the following questions about sacrifice: Should a parent sacrifice time with his or her own children to save the life of another child? Another 100 children? How would you decide where that limit is?

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