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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are PIHers?
(a) Staff who work for Paul.
(b) Patients at Zanmi Lasante.
(c) Those who believe in the PIH mission.
(d) Financial contributors to PIH.

2. What is the cost when Paul Farmer seeks treatment for cases that are too complicated or outside of his specialty?
(a) The cost of tests and equipment only.
(b) $50,000 per visit.
(c) Hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(d) Free of charge.

3. What is Paul Farmer's desire, as stated in the O to the P section?
(a) The cure Haiti.
(b) To cure the world.
(c) To create a small example for the world.
(d) To inspire the world to heal.

4. Who gives the Russian Ministry of Health a $150 million dollar loan to fight the tuberculosis epidemic in 2002?
(a) The Bank of Boston.
(b) The World Bank.
(c) The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
(d) Tom White.

5. What belief does the author say Paul Farmer instills in people?
(a) A belief that we are all connected.
(b) A belief that money corrupts.
(c) A belief in their obligation and ability.
(d) A united belief that something better is possible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is defined as a benefit to the people, from the Haitian government in 2000?

2. According to the Afterword, how many HIV patients does Zanmi Lasante's staff care for?

3. Who is Peggy McAvoy?

4. Who does Paul Farmer borrow money from to pay for the 2002 expansion while waiting for the Global Fund money to arrive?

5. Why does Paul Farmer travel light when he flies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Paul Farmer a good father?

2. Could Partners in Health have succeeded without Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, or Jim Kim?

3. Does Paul Farmer believe that life sucks, as noted in this second TB speech in Cuba?

4. How does the death of John Wilnot affect Zanmi Lasante?

5. Describe the AIDS sanatorium in Cuba.

6. What figure in the book, other than Paul Farmer, has the greatest impact in curing MDR-TB?

7. How does Father Jack's influence impact the MDR-TB campaign after his death?

8. Why is Paul Farmer a supporter of President Aristede?

9. Why does Paul Farmer hesitate to get involved in fixing the Russian TB program?

10. Is it moral for the medevac company to charge for its services to bring John to Boston?

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