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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Paul Farmer refer to poverty in A Light Month for Travel?
(a) An inherited disease.
(b) As this century's Black Plague.
(c) A curse.
(d) As a social condition.

2. How does Paul Farmer feel about his rotations at Brigham and Women's Hospital?
(a) They are a necessary evil.
(b) They are intellectually stimulating.
(c) They are a waste of time that could be spent in Haiti.
(d) They are useful to help him refuel.

3. What happens to the prices of second line antibiotics after World Health Organization's new policies for MDR-TB in 2002?
(a) They decline.
(b) They go up and down continually.
(c) They remain the same.
(d) They rise.

4. In the O for the P section, what is it said that Paul Farmer was able to defy?
(a) Laws of the body.
(b) Religious dictates.
(c) Pressure.
(d) The local authorities.

5. Who elected president of Haiti in 2000?
(a) Chavelier.
(b) Bourgeoius.
(c) Aristide.
(d) Baby Doc Duvalier.

Short Answer Questions

1. What operations are performed in Cange by teams from Brigham and South Carolina in 2002?

2. Who said that the world changed yesterday when discussing the World Health Organization's long awaited adoption of new prescriptions for dealing with MDR-TB?

3. Who does Paul Farmer dispatch to start his 2002 expansion?

4. What is one symptom of Haiti's problems in 2000?

5. What does the book say Paul Farmer earned a reputation for by the late 1990s?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the connection between the Open Society Institute and Partners in Health.

2. Given his claim that if he stops moving someone will die, is Paul Farmer a megalomaniac?

3. Describe Ti Fifi.

4. Why is Paul Farmer a supporter of President Aristede?

5. Why does Paul Farmer hesitate to get involved in fixing the Russian TB program?

6. Why were competing organizations able to come together in Chapter 24 to work on curing TB?

7. How is Paul Farmer impacted by funding?

8. Why is Zanmi Lasante so successful?

9. Describe Serena Koenig.

10. Could Partners in Health have succeeded without Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, or Jim Kim?

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