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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other disease do the Russian patients that Paul Farmer treats for TB also tend to have?
(a) AIDS.
(b) Leprosy.
(c) Syphilis.
(d) Dysentery.

2. By what year do mathematical models predict HIV infections will reach 100 million?
(a) 2025.
(b) 2008.
(c) 2010.
(d) 2017.

3. Who is Serena Koenig?
(a) A doctor with Doctors without Borders.
(b) A lawyer from the Gates Foundation.
(c) A missionary from South Carolina.
(d) A member of the Lascahobas team.

4. Who pays for the interest payments on Paul Farmer's 2002 expansion loan?
(a) Medical interns from Harvard.
(b) PIH employees with the highest salaries.
(c) Church members from South Carolina.
(d) Doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital.

5. What is defined as a benefit to the people, from the Haitian government in 2000?
(a) The country has a strong internal structure.
(b) The people are free of terror.
(c) The country has a new source of income.
(d) The people have more health clinics.

6. Who does the new director of the World Health Organization ask to serve as his senior advisor in 2003?
(a) Paul Farmer.
(b) Jim Yong Kim.
(c) Alex Goldfarb.
(d) Ophelia Dahl.

7. What does Paul Farmer do when he has a case that is too complicated or outside of his specialty?
(a) He flies patients to Boston for treatment.
(b) He flies Dr. Ramirez in from Peru.
(c) He flies patients to Peru for treatment.
(d) He flies Dr. Flickinger in from Boston.

8. Who gives the Russian Ministry of Health a $150 million dollar loan to fight the tuberculosis epidemic in 2002?
(a) The Bank of Boston.
(b) The World Bank.
(c) Tom White.
(d) The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

9. Where does Paul Farmer plan to start his expansion in 2002?
(a) The southern provinces.
(b) The northern city limit.
(c) The central plateau.
(d) The inner city.

10. What resulted from the case of John that is told in the O for the P?
(a) A partnership between Mass General and Partners in Health.
(b) A new assistant for Paul Farmer.
(c) New equipment donated to Zanmi Lasante.
(d) A Zanmi Lasante training for local Haitians.

11. How is Zanmi Lasante described in O to the P?
(a) Exceptional in its care.
(b) Tormented and bullied by the government.
(c) Struggling to pay its bills.
(d) A nuetral zone amidst the strife.

12. What result does the petition for electricity made by citizens of Cange have?
(a) They receive power for a few hours a day.
(b) Their petition is ignored.
(c) Their petition is denied.
(d) Zanmi Lasante is bombed by the military.

13. What operations are performed in Cange by teams from Brigham and South Carolina in 2002?
(a) Kidney transplants.
(b) Open-heart surgeries.
(c) Colon resections.
(d) Liver transplants.

14. Where does the author say that Jim was happy to work in the O for the P section?
(a) Away from the action.
(b) In Russia.
(c) In a goldfish bowl.
(d) Anywhere.

15. What reason is given for the intensity of the Russian TB outbreak?
(a) Lack of running water.
(b) Dilapadated housing.
(c) Lack of electricity in rural areas.
(d) Backlogged prison systems.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who guarantees Paul Farmer's 2002 expansion loan?

2. What does Paul Farmer write to Tracy Kidder in regards to the blood bank in Cange?

3. What are PIHers?

4. In the O for the P section, what is it said that Paul Farmer was able to defy?

5. When the patient named John is referred by Paul Farmer and sent for treatment, what disease does he have?

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