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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Paul Farmer tell Tracy Kidder that he can't slow down a pace he knows is much too fast?
(a) He can't seem to locate the brake.
(b) He's chasing a moving goal.
(c) He's afraid Catherine will be disappointed in him.
(d) He's afraid someone will die needlessly.

2. What are PIHers?
(a) Those who believe in the PIH mission.
(b) Staff who work for Paul.
(c) Patients at Zanmi Lasante.
(d) Financial contributors to PIH.

3. What is the top reason mentioned that Paul Farmer has an interest in AIDS?
(a) His brother died of AIDS.
(b) He believes a cure is close to being found.
(c) AIDS encourages the spread of TB.
(d) It results from social inequality.

4. What is defined as a benefit to the people, from the Haitian government in 2000?
(a) The people are free of terror.
(b) The country has a strong internal structure.
(c) The people have more health clinics.
(d) The country has a new source of income.

5. What reason is given for the intensity of the Russian TB outbreak?
(a) Lack of running water.
(b) Backlogged prison systems.
(c) Lack of electricity in rural areas.
(d) Dilapadated housing.

6. Where does the US military detain infected Haitians in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS?
(a) The Artibonte Hospital.
(b) Zanmi Lasante.
(c) The prison in Port-au-Prince.
(d) Guantanamo.

7. Who manages the construction of a second operating room for Zanmi Lasante in 2002?
(a) Alex Goldfarb.
(b) Tracy Kidder.
(c) Julianna DeWolf.
(d) Fritz LaFontant.

8. What two characters are present at the end of Mountains Beyond Mountains?
(a) Jim Yong Kim and Paul Farmer.
(b) The author and Paul Farmer.
(c) Paul Famer and Catherine.
(d) Paul Farmer and a young patient.

9. What operations are performed in Cange by teams from Brigham and South Carolina in 2002?
(a) Kidney transplants.
(b) Colon resections.
(c) Liver transplants.
(d) Open-heart surgeries.

10. Where does Paul Farmer plan to start his expansion in 2002?
(a) The central plateau.
(b) The inner city.
(c) The southern provinces.
(d) The northern city limit.

11. What are the twin pandemics referred to in the Afterword of Mountains Beyond Mountains?
(a) AIDS and tuberculosis.
(b) Tuberculosis and MDR-TB.
(c) Tueberculosis and dysentry.
(d) AIDS and HIV.

12. How does Serena Koenig describe the Lascahobas situation?
(a) Disaster waiting to happen.
(b) A nightmare.
(c) A dream come true.
(d) A pocket of organization amidst chaos.

13. Why did the passenger truck from Lascahobas to the nearest city stop making its runs?
(a) Danger from guerillas.
(b) Lack of funding.
(c) Lack of passengers.
(d) Lack of gas.

14. In the O for the P section, what is it said that Paul Farmer was able to defy?
(a) Pressure.
(b) The local authorities.
(c) Religious dictates.
(d) Laws of the body.

15. Who does the new director of the World Health Organization ask to serve as his senior advisor in 2003?
(a) Paul Farmer.
(b) Jim Yong Kim.
(c) Alex Goldfarb.
(d) Ophelia Dahl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What result does the petition for electricity made by citizens of Cange have?

2. According to the book, what is true of the individual Haitians that were detained by the US military?

3. What is true of the Haitian government in 2000, according to Mountains beyond Mountains?

4. What countries does Paul Farmer approach for assistance with the doctors and money he needs in A Light Month for Travel?

5. After "beefing up" what is true of the Lascahobas facility?

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