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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Paul Farmer borrow money from to pay for the 2002 expansion while waiting for the Global Fund money to arrive?
(a) A commercial bank in Boston.
(b) Bill Gates.
(c) Tom White.
(d) A commerical bank in Peru.

2. What three things does Paul Farmer say are co-infectious in his second lecture in Cuba?
(a) Poverty, inequality, and poor health.
(b) Wealth, poverty, and tuberculosis.
(c) Infectious disease, poor diet, and polluted water.
(d) Wealth, ignorance, and success.

3. Who does Paul Farmer say the only men on Haiti who experience economic stability are?
(a) Politicians and poachers.
(b) Military dictators.
(c) Doctors and foreigners.
(d) Soldiers and truck drivers.

4. What belief does the author say Paul Farmer instills in people?
(a) A belief that we are all connected.
(b) A united belief that something better is possible.
(c) A belief that money corrupts.
(d) A belief in their obligation and ability.

5. What result does the petition for electricity made by citizens of Cange have?
(a) Their petition is ignored.
(b) Zanmi Lasante is bombed by the military.
(c) They receive power for a few hours a day.
(d) Their petition is denied.

6. Whose pictures does Paul Farmer carry in his wallet?
(a) Catherine's and Didi's.
(b) Patients he has cured.
(c) Patients who have died.
(d) Catherine's and his patients.

7. Who is the project director of the Russian TB project?
(a) Ophelia.
(b) Fritz LaFontain.
(c) Mikail Frank.
(d) Alex Goldfarb.

8. Who manages the construction of a second operating room for Zanmi Lasante in 2002?
(a) Alex Goldfarb.
(b) Fritz LaFontant.
(c) Julianna DeWolf.
(d) Tracy Kidder.

9. Who does Paul Farmer say that the women of Haiti caught HIV from?
(a) Their husbands.
(b) Soldiers and truck drivers.
(c) Politicians and poachers.
(d) Foreigners.

10. What reason is given for the intensity of the Russian TB outbreak?
(a) Lack of running water.
(b) Dilapadated housing.
(c) Lack of electricity in rural areas.
(d) Backlogged prison systems.

11. What does Paul Farmer say the world needs to care less about in order to create successes like those in Haiti?
(a) Wealth and designer clothes.
(b) Finances and politics.
(c) Power and on-up-man-ship.
(d) Hollywood and the policital machine.

12. What are PIHers?
(a) Those who believe in the PIH mission.
(b) Staff who work for Paul.
(c) Financial contributors to PIH.
(d) Patients at Zanmi Lasante.

13. How does Paul Farmer channel his anger, according to Tracy Kidder?
(a) With productivity and healing.
(b) With karaoke.
(c) With meditation.
(d) With long walks to neighboring villages.

14. Why does Paul Farmer travel light when he flies?
(a) To avoid waiting for luggage.
(b) To bring needed items and gifts.
(c) He keeps all the clothes he needs in both Boston and Cange.
(d) To avoid stress to his shoulder.

15. What countries does Paul Farmer approach for assistance with the doctors and money he needs in A Light Month for Travel?
(a) Cuba and France.
(b) France and the United States.
(c) The United States and Peru.
(d) Cuba and Peru.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jim Yong Kim travels to Russia, what does he do at the banquet?

2. What religion does the book say that Paul Farmer struggled with?

3. What organization controls the flow of antibiotics to Peru and other places in 2002?

4. What is the name of the second lecture that Paul Farmer gives in Cuba?

5. What does Paul Farmer write to Tracy Kidder in regards to the blood bank in Cange?

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