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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who elected president of Haiti in 2000?
(a) Chavelier.
(b) Bourgeoius.
(c) Aristide.
(d) Baby Doc Duvalier.

2. What three things does Paul Farmer say are co-infectious in his second lecture in Cuba?
(a) Poverty, inequality, and poor health.
(b) Wealth, ignorance, and success.
(c) Wealth, poverty, and tuberculosis.
(d) Infectious disease, poor diet, and polluted water.

3. What is Paul Farmer's desire, as stated in the O to the P section?
(a) To create a small example for the world.
(b) To inspire the world to heal.
(c) To cure the world.
(d) The cure Haiti.

4. What is the name of the second lecture that Paul Farmer gives in Cuba?
(a) Mission: Life.
(b) Accepting AIDS.
(c) Wealth, Poverty, and Tuberculosis: Unholy Trinity.
(d) Why Life Sucks.

5. What result does the petition for electricity made by citizens of Cange have?
(a) They receive power for a few hours a day.
(b) Their petition is ignored.
(c) Zanmi Lasante is bombed by the military.
(d) Their petition is denied.

6. Where does Paul Farmer plan to start his expansion in 2002?
(a) The northern city limit.
(b) The inner city.
(c) The central plateau.
(d) The southern provinces.

7. With what entity does the Russian branch of PIH negotiate a loan?
(a) The World Bank.
(b) The World Health Organization.
(c) The Gates Foundation.
(d) The Bank of Boston.

8. What is true of Paul and Jim in the beginning of the A Light Month for Travel section?
(a) Both suffer deaths in their families.
(b) They have to much to do and too little time.
(c) The have less financial pressure and too much time on their hands.
(d) Both have contracted illnesses.

9. Why does Paul Farmer tell Tracy Kidder that he can't slow down a pace he knows is much too fast?
(a) He can't seem to locate the brake.
(b) He's afraid Catherine will be disappointed in him.
(c) He's chasing a moving goal.
(d) He's afraid someone will die needlessly.

10. Who manages the construction of a second operating room for Zanmi Lasante in 2002?
(a) Julianna DeWolf.
(b) Fritz LaFontant.
(c) Alex Goldfarb.
(d) Tracy Kidder.

11. What is the outcome for the patient named John that Paul Farmer refers for treatment in the O for the P?
(a) He dies.
(b) He lives for several more years.
(c) He lives to become an old man and a staff member at Zanmi Lasante.
(d) He receives treatment at the last possible moment.

12. What is Paul Farmer's opinion on the role of the rich in poverty?
(a) Until the rich are forced to live like paupers, nothing will ever change.
(b) Rich people are obligated to care for the poor.
(c) While they can't be blamed, they must act now.
(d) The rich create it and encourage poverty by their lack of response.

13. What is Lascahobas?
(a) A prison outside of Cange.
(b) A settlement north of Cange.
(c) A prison outside of Lima.
(d) A settlement north of Lima.

14. What is defined as a benefit to the people, from the Haitian government in 2000?
(a) The country has a strong internal structure.
(b) The people are free of terror.
(c) The people have more health clinics.
(d) The country has a new source of income.

15. What operations are performed in Cange by teams from Brigham and South Carolina in 2002?
(a) Open-heart surgeries.
(b) Colon resections.
(c) Liver transplants.
(d) Kidney transplants.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the patient named John is referred by Paul Farmer and sent for treatment, what disease does he have?

2. Who gives the Russian Ministry of Health a $150 million dollar loan to fight the tuberculosis epidemic in 2002?

3. According to the Afterword, how many HIV patients does Zanmi Lasante's staff care for?

4. What do Paul and the Partners in Health staff say they knew about their goal after receiving the Gates endowment?

5. What does Jim Yong Kim say will define the moral standing of his generation?

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