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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the second lecture that Paul Farmer gives in Cuba?
(a) Why Life Sucks.
(b) Wealth, Poverty, and Tuberculosis: Unholy Trinity.
(c) Accepting AIDS.
(d) Mission: Life.

2. How does Paul Farmer channel his anger, according to Tracy Kidder?
(a) With productivity and healing.
(b) With karaoke.
(c) With long walks to neighboring villages.
(d) With meditation.

3. With what entity does the Russian branch of PIH negotiate a loan?
(a) The World Health Organization.
(b) The Bank of Boston.
(c) The World Bank.
(d) The Gates Foundation.

4. Where does the US military detain infected Haitians in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS?
(a) Zanmi Lasante.
(b) Guantanamo.
(c) The prison in Port-au-Prince.
(d) The Artibonte Hospital.

5. What three things does Paul Farmer say are co-infectious in his second lecture in Cuba?
(a) Infectious disease, poor diet, and polluted water.
(b) Wealth, ignorance, and success.
(c) Poverty, inequality, and poor health.
(d) Wealth, poverty, and tuberculosis.

6. What expansion does Paul Farmer begin in the summer of 2002?
(a) Gates and Parters TB Clinic.
(b) Socios en Salud.
(c) Zanmi Lasante.
(d) Tomsk Oblast Tuberculosis Hospital.

7. Who said that the world changed yesterday when discussing the World Health Organization's long awaited adoption of new prescriptions for dealing with MDR-TB?
(a) Paul Farmer.
(b) Jim Yong Kim.
(c) Pere Lafountain.
(d) Ophelia.

8. How did receiving the Gates endowment affect the fund-raising efforts by Partners in Health?
(a) They ceased fund-raising efforts to focus on publicity.
(b) They cut fundraising efforts in half.
(c) They continued to pursue past and new contributors.
(d) They hired an outside company to manage fundraising actitivities.

9. How does Paul Farmer feel about his rotations at Brigham and Women's Hospital?
(a) They are a waste of time that could be spent in Haiti.
(b) They are useful to help him refuel.
(c) They are a necessary evil.
(d) They are intellectually stimulating.

10. What resulted from the case of John that is told in the O for the P?
(a) A Zanmi Lasante training for local Haitians.
(b) A new assistant for Paul Farmer.
(c) A partnership between Mass General and Partners in Health.
(d) New equipment donated to Zanmi Lasante.

11. What additional treatment does Paul Farmer want to bring to Haiti in A Light Month for Travel?
(a) Blood transfusions.
(b) Chemotherapy.
(c) Dialysis.
(d) AIDS treatment.

12. According to the author, what would Paul Farmer have thought of Jim Young Kim's action at the banquet in Russia?
(a) He would have been embarrassed.
(b) He would have been angry.
(c) He would have done the same thing.
(d) He would have been proud.

13. How much money does Paul Farmer borrow to pay for the 2002 expansion while waiting for the Global Fund money to arrive?
(a) $500,000.
(b) $2 million.
(c) $10 million.
(d) $250,000.

14. What is Paul Farmer's desire, as stated in the O to the P section?
(a) To inspire the world to heal.
(b) To create a small example for the world.
(c) The cure Haiti.
(d) To cure the world.

15. What is the cost when Paul Farmer seeks treatment for cases that are too complicated or outside of his specialty?
(a) Hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(b) The cost of tests and equipment only.
(c) $50,000 per visit.
(d) Free of charge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason is given for the intensity of the Russian TB outbreak?

2. How is Paul involved with the TB projects in Peru and Russia in the late 1990s?

3. What is defined as one of the problems of Haiti in 2000?

4. How does Serena Koenig describe the Lascahobas situation?

5. Who does Paul Farmer say that the women of Haiti caught HIV from?

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