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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Paul Farmer channel his anger, according to Tracy Kidder?
(a) With karaoke.
(b) With long walks to neighboring villages.
(c) With meditation.
(d) With productivity and healing.

2. What resulted from the case of John that is told in the O for the P?
(a) A Zanmi Lasante training for local Haitians.
(b) A new assistant for Paul Farmer.
(c) New equipment donated to Zanmi Lasante.
(d) A partnership between Mass General and Partners in Health.

3. Who is Serena Koenig?
(a) A doctor with Doctors without Borders.
(b) A lawyer from the Gates Foundation.
(c) A missionary from South Carolina.
(d) A member of the Lascahobas team.

4. Who manages the construction of a second operating room for Zanmi Lasante in 2002?
(a) Tracy Kidder.
(b) Fritz LaFontant.
(c) Julianna DeWolf.
(d) Alex Goldfarb.

5. How much money does Paul Farmer borrow to pay for the 2002 expansion while waiting for the Global Fund money to arrive?
(a) $10 million.
(b) $2 million.
(c) $500,000.
(d) $250,000.

6. What is one symptom of Haiti's problems in 2000?
(a) The closing of health clinics.
(b) The debt load of the goverment.
(c) The turmoil among the working class.
(d) The growing dysentry epidemic.

7. Where are the two characters in Mountains Beyond Mountains headed at the end of the story?
(a) To France.
(b) On an eleven hour journey to visit patients.
(c) To an operating room in Zanmi Lasante.
(d) To a medical conference in Russia.

8. How does Paul Farmer feel about his rotations at Brigham and Women's Hospital?
(a) They are a necessary evil.
(b) They are useful to help him refuel.
(c) They are a waste of time that could be spent in Haiti.
(d) They are intellectually stimulating.

9. With what entity does the Russian branch of PIH negotiate a loan?
(a) The World Health Organization.
(b) The Gates Foundation.
(c) The Bank of Boston.
(d) The World Bank.

10. What does Paul Farmer send to all financial contributors to Partners in Health?
(a) Calendars marked with dates for the next contribution..
(b) Handwritten notes of thanks.
(c) Pictures of children they have helped.
(d) Thank you notes from the school children.

11. What happens to the prices of second line antibiotics after World Health Organization's new policies for MDR-TB in 2002?
(a) They remain the same.
(b) They decline.
(c) They go up and down continually.
(d) They rise.

12. Who does Paul Farmer say that the women of Haiti caught HIV from?
(a) Politicians and poachers.
(b) Foreigners.
(c) Their husbands.
(d) Soldiers and truck drivers.

13. By what year do mathematical models predict HIV infections will reach 100 million?
(a) 2008.
(b) 2025.
(c) 2010.
(d) 2017.

14. What type of doctors does Paul Farmer says he wants to work at his clinic in A Light Month for Travel?
(a) People less driven than himself.
(b) People as driven as himself.
(c) Indigenous Haitians.
(d) Women and minorities.

15. How many chronic patients are either cured or in treatment due to the second line antibiotics that are made available to Peru and other locations in 2002?
(a) 0.
(b) 875.
(c) 1,000.
(d) 5,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes the communication between Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim after receiving the Gates endowment?

2. What result does the petition for electricity made by citizens of Cange have?

3. When the patient named John is referred by Paul Farmer and sent for treatment, what disease does he have?

4. What do some prominent voices in the US Government continue to argue cannot be done in 2002?

5. Who guarantees Paul Farmer's 2002 expansion loan?

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