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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Light Month for Travel, pages 179-238.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What symptoms of TB did the patient named Joe exhibit in 1999?
(a) Rapid weigh loss and cough.
(b) Fatigue and chest pain.
(c) High fever and cough.
(d) Coughing up blood.

2. How is Zanmi Lasante funded?
(a) Donations from a bookstore in Boston.
(b) Donations to Unicef.
(c) Donations from Doctors at Brigham and Women's.
(d) Donations to Partners in Health.

3. Who brings Partners in Health to Peru?
(a) Senora Brigada.
(b) Jim Yong Kim.
(c) Ophelia.
(d) Father Jack.

4. Who is Mamito married to?
(a) Fritz Lafontant.
(b) Baby Doc Duvalier.
(c) Jim Yong Kim.
(d) Tom White.

5. Who is Jorge Perez?
(a) A friend that helps with the cost of medication.
(b) A Catholic Priest.
(c) A man who works with Jim Yong Kim in Peru.
(d) The Haitian President.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is MDR TB?

2. Why does the staff at Zanmi Lasante believe the cure rate for Tuberculosis is so low?

3. What reason is given for the intensity of the Russian TB outbreak?

4. Why does Paul Farmer travel light when he flies?

5. What type of map does Farmer share with Kidder in the Medicos Aventureros section?

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