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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through O for the P, pages 238-298.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Paul Farmer's colleagues consider his actions during Haiti's troubles in the early 1990s?
(a) Haphazard.
(b) Reckless.
(c) Cautious.
(d) Strategic.

2. Who is Ophelia Dahl?
(a) Tom White's sister.
(b) A reporter in Boston.
(c) The administrator of a hospital in Haiti.
(d) A rich daughter of a famous actress.

3. What is defined as one of the problems of Haiti in 2000?
(a) Lack of a shared language.
(b) Lack of a competent work force.
(c) Lack of internal structure.
(d) Lack of products to export.

4. What is Ophelia's nickname for Paul Farmer?
(a) PJ.
(b) PF.
(c) Ghandi.
(d) Dokte.

5. What does Paul Farmer say the world needs to care less about in order to create successes like those in Haiti?
(a) Power and on-up-man-ship.
(b) Hollywood and the policital machine.
(c) Wealth and designer clothes.
(d) Finances and politics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did receiving the Gates endowment affect the fund-raising efforts by Partners in Health?

2. Where are the two characters in Mountains Beyond Mountains headed at the end of the story?

3. What do Alex Goldfarb and Jim Yong Kim argue about at the 1998 Boston Conference?

4. What does Fritz Lafontant give Paul Farmer permission to do in Cange?

5. How is Paul's knee shattered in 1988?

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