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Boston, Massachusetts

This is the city where the Partners In Health headquarters is located.

Harvard Medical School

Paul Farmer earns his medical degree as well as a Ph.D. in anthropology here.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

This is where Paul and Jim complete their medical residencies and return for part of each year as specialists.

Cange, Haiti

This place loses its farmland to a dam and is the first location to capture Paul's attention and benefit from Partners in Health funding.

Zanmi Lasante

This is the sister organization of Partners In Health, located in Cange.

Socios en Salud

This place is in Carabayllo and is run by Jim Kim.

St. Mary of the Angels

This is a place in Roxbury that the younger Paul frequents as a med student.

World Health Organization

This branch of the United Nations is located in Geneva.

Peligre Dam

This place was created...

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