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Lesson 1 (from Dokte Paul, pages 1-44)


Dokte Paul, pages 1-44

Mountains Beyond Mountains opens in 1994 as American soldiers attempt to suppress a military junta that threatens Haiti's newly democratic and elected government. One of the first scenes describes Captain Carroll's men recovering the beheaded body of an elected official from that Artibonite River. Paul Farmer arrives to try and explain that the Haitians are losing confidence, but Captain Carroll misinterprets the warning as an insult. Later, Tracy Kidder learns that Paul sympathizes with the military and knows that most of them come from the poorer parts of America and have little say in setting policies. This lesson examines the role of the American government in Haiti.


1) Small Groups- Have small groups discuss the political climate in Haiti in the Dokte Paul section of the book. What impact do the politics of the country have on the patients that Paul sees? Is...

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