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Essay Topic 1

Is Paul Farmer's goal to love all children as much as he loves his own daughter an admirable one? Explain your answer with support from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Didi Bertrand, Father Jack, and Ophelia within the context of wealth and poverty.

Essay Topic 3

Using evidence from Mountains Beyond Mountains, answer the following question: Is Paul Farmer a realist or a dreamer?

Essay Topic 4

Define democracy and support or refute Paul Farmer's assertion that America is not truly a democracy. Analyze each point in your argument.

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast Paul Farmer and the Warden as fathers.

Essay Topic 6

Select three people from Mountains Beyond Mountains that are victims of injustice. For each one describe the injustice, what the root causes are, if it is resolved, and if so by whom. Compare these people and their situations based on these criteria.

Essay Topic 7

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