Mountains Beyond Mountains Character Descriptions

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Dr. Paul Farmer

This is the person who founds Partners in Health.

Dr. Jim Kim

This person is born in South Korea and works for both Partners in Health and later the World Health Organization.

Father Fritz Lafontant

This person runs a clinic funded by a church in South Carolina.

Tom White

This person is Partner in Health's main benefactor.


This person is the first love of the man who founded Partners in Health. This person also came from a wealthy family in England, and her father donated the funds to build the Kay Epin School in Haiti.

Didi Bertrand

This person is the child of the schoolmaster in Cange and becomes a mother.

Tracy Kidder

This person is a journalist and the author of Mountains Beyond Mountains.

Father Jack

This person moves from Massachusetts to Peru and dies of MDR TB.

Jean Bertrand-Aristide

This person is...

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