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Dokte Paul, pages 1-44

• The author, Tracy Kidder, and Paul Farmer meet in Haiti in 1994.
• In 1999 Paul, working as a an infectious disease specialist in Boston, invites Kidder to Haiti.
• Kidder tours Zanmi Lasante and learns about malnutrition and tuberculosis.
• Paul performs a study to prove that malnutrition affects tuberculosis treatment.
• Kidder learns that the Peligre Dam is to blame for much of the poverty in Cange.

The Tin Roofs of Cange, pages 45-122

• Paul grows up with his parents, sibling, and a transient lifestyle..
• Paul attends Duke University and studies anthropology and medicine in France.

• Paul meets Ophelia Dahl while working at Eye Care Haiti.
• Pere Lafontant brings Paul to Cange.

• Paul attends Harvard Medical School.
• Paul builds a clinic in Cange and creates Partners in Health.

• Ophelia's father funds Kay Epin.
• The Haitian Army rules the country and Paul is denied entry in 1991.

Medicos Aventureros, pages 123-178

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