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Short Answer Questions

1. What characterizes the Prisoner's family?

2. In what country does "Mountain Language" take place?

3. What does the guard instruct the Prisoner to tell the Old Woman to do?

4. As the Sergeant hassles the Young Woman in Act 1, the Officer reminds him that these women are not _________.

5. What is the Young Woman's second complaint?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Old Woman communicate with her son?

2. What is the Young Woman's second complaint to the Officer?

3. Why does the Sergeant show Sarah her husband?

4. What is the significance of language in Act 4?

5. How separate is the Old Woman from the other characters in Act 2?

6. Why is the Sergeant annoyed when he enters in Act 3?

7. What is the relevance of the voice-over in Act 2?

8. What is the attitude of "the capital?"

9. Why are the rules for dogs absurd in Act 1?

10. What is the family of the prisoner in Act 2 like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the strategy of truth and insincerity in Mountain Language. Discuss how it directs the play and how one is misconstrued for the other, adding another layer of obscurity in people's honesty.

Essay Topic 2

Many hateful comments by the officers are more absurd than anything. Discuss the commentary on "hate" through its coupling with absurdity in the play.

Essay Topic 3

There are elements of the setting (both time and physical) that are very concrete or very abstract. Discuss this use of ambiguous setting to develop an explanation Pinter's goal in using this type of setting.

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