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Objective: Setting The stage, context, and external settings are not concrete in Act 1 of Mountain Language. Most is left up to representation and the audience's interpretation. In this lesson, discuss what the "setting" in Act 1 represents and whether it matters that nothing specific is identified.

1) Data Collection: Is there anything specific to time or place given away in Act 1? What can we infer? How? Does this situation reflect anything specific in history? Develop a list of any potential clues on the board.

2) Class Discussion: Are specifics purposefully absent? What is the author trying to say? Based on the Officers' attitudes, what can we infer is the type of society the play represents? What about from the women's attitudes?

3) Independent Writing: Pick one aspect (the women's attitudes, the officers', authority, or politics) set in Act 1. Based on that, develop the type of society, county, or culture this play...

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