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Comic Book

Make a comic book version of Mountain Language.


Write a critical review of Mountain Language as if you had just seen it performed


Write an explanatory Author's Preface for this play.

Perform a Scene

Perform a scene from Mountain Language.

Costumes (1)

Design the costumes for the women in Mountain Language.


Transform an act from the play into a musical.

Internal Monologue

Write the internal monologue for the Old Woman in Act 4.


Create a panorama of the set for Mountain Language.

Changing Courses

Change one element of the story and write the changed course and what occurs.

Harold Pinter

Do a presentation on Harold Pinter.

Time Specific

Choose one part of Mountain Language and rewrite it to fit a very specific point in time.


Write an additional epilogue scene at the end of Mountain Language.


Create a collage expressing the mood...

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